Word of the Day: Site Visit

Site Visit: A scheduled three- to five-hour visit at a location determined by the vendor and host site that allows the practice purchasing the same software to see that software and interfaces in action. Most purchasers want to observe the new workflows, how well the interfaces work, and learn implementation tips.

Get Your Team Prepared for the EHR, Part Three

EHR Selection Preparedness: Data Management In the third of our readiness assessments or “environmental scans,” evaluate what kind of data you collect, how data are gathered, and where it is stored.  Old paper storage habits (a file here, another there) can easily translate into a messy and over-loaded server as well. Start by knowing what data is collected? A typical list of health information in a medical record includes the following. Clinical data: » H & P’s » Medication lists » Encounter Notes » Procedure reports » Pathology reports » Other labs reports » Imaging results/reports » Treatment Plans » Diagnosis based documentation and treatment templates » External Care (notes,…


Word of the Day: Evidence-Based Practice Center

Evidence-Based Practice Center: Institution contracted under Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to develop evidence reports and technology assessments on topics relevant to clinical, social science/behavioral, economic, and other health care organization and delivery issues.

Facility Access Controls: Maintenance Records-What to Do and How to Do It

In our series on the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Security Rule, this is the fourth implementation specification for the Physical Safeguard Standard, Facility Access Controls. This implementation specification is addressable. Remember, addressable does not mean “optional.” Rather, an addressable implementation specification means that a covered entity must use reasonable and appropriate measures to meet the standard. As we have noted in earlier postings on HIPAA.com, business associates of covered entities will be required to comply with the Security Rule safeguard standards, beginning February 17, 2010. This requirement is one of the HITECH Act provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ARRA, signed by President Obama on February 17, 2009. What…


Word of the Day: PHR

Personal health record (PHR): The health care consumer’s health information record, which they own and manage. Sharing or allowing access is based on the patient’s consent/permission.

Word of the Day: Integrated System

Integrated System: In an EMR, the vendor builds the system using the same characteristics arranged in the broad categories of data issues, application issues, presentation issues, and operational issues. Systems built in this way are often referred to as a Single Source solution.