Get Your Team Prepared for the EHR, Part Four

Technical Assessment

Technology management and support helps determine the degree to which your clinic or practice can systematically and proactively manage technology assets. For example, you want to know the IT skill set of your staff, the current state of your organization’s technology infrastructure, your approach to technology planning, the existing technology management structures and technology project management capabilities. The technical assessment looks also at how well management and technology infrastructure can effectively support quality and operational goals.

A technical assessment can save thousands of dollars, simply by identifying what you have and what you need. High-level items in the technical assessment or checklist include completion of a security risk assessment and the processes and procedures you plan to implement to protect confidential health information, identifying interfaces, third-party software, networking and security needs, staff, IT support, clinic layouts, identification of hardware needs, tablet/notebook and licenses, wireless drops, phone jacks, and so forth.

Please contact us for a free copy of our IT Technical Infrastructure Checklist.

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