Edward Jones III

Ed Jones cofounder Ed Jones is a consultant and author of several books on healthcare privacy, security, and electronic health records. He served as senior vice president and member of the CEO’s Executive Operations Committee an NYSE-traded company with a core focus on underwriting, insuring, and reinsuring self-funded health plans for US employers. Ed has also held senior positions in the US Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Carolyn Hartley

Carolyn HartleyAfter nearly 15 years of helping health care professionals transition into health IT, Carolyn is making good on a promise she made to her brother and sister a decade ago. Today, she assists providers and caregivers who use technology to manage logistics, communicate with medical teams, reduce patient errors, and make life easier for loved ones with chronic conditions.  She has co-authored 20+ books on privacy, security, and meaningful Use.

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William Roberts

William Roberts

Guest author William Roberts is an associate in Shipman & Goodwin LLP’s Health Law Practice Group. Bill focuses on health care corporate, regulatory and compliance. He represents hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, physician group practices, health insurance companies, behavioral health providers, federally qualified health centers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and other health care clients.

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